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Contact C.J.

C.J. Ehrlich

CJE.Playwright @


Excerpts and full scripts available.

All a nice person like you has to do is ask. Include who you are, and which play(s)

may be of interest. 


Plays may only be produced or Zoomed with the Playwright's permission, for royalties determined by audience size and ticket price. These will amount to far less than a trip to Broadway, when you factor in transportation, dinner, and (most likely) hazmat suits.


Royalties can be waived for readings where there's no admission charge, and for certain fundraisers, with Playwright's prior written permission. Production or rehearsal photos and a copy of the program are requested. 

Glad you asked! For screenplay inquiries, include "Screenplay Query" in the subject line. 


Questions? Comments? Advice?

Go for it. 

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