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Longer Plays​: Full-length and one acts (15-30 min)

  • request a script sample and royalty information, contact CJ

  • peruse ten minutes and even shorter plays here

Full Lengths


Noir Comedy (90 minutes)

cast of 10: 5M, 5F (with doubling; larger cast and extras possible; large spread of cast ages inc teens or 50+ actors or younger) 

Join private investigator Jake Pantograph on a delightfully comic sally into the world of noir,

as he tries to track down a missing girl, a blackmailer, a one-of-a-kind black diamond necklace, a hot babka, and some ice for his drink

Winner: 2018 Women Are Funny award, Play-Makers Spokane

THE CUPCAKE CONSPIRACY "Cupcakes are Easy! Marriage is Complicated."

Comedy (90 minutes)

cast of 6: 2M, 2F, 2 M/F (flexible genders)

Thanks to a blind-date mix-up, an unsuspecting couple find themselves on opposing sides of

a nefarious scheme involving cupcakes. Really evil cupcakes. 

Winner: National New Play competition, Rover Dramawerks, TX


Comedy-drama (90 minutes)

cast of 6: 3M, 3F

A mismatched couple, unlucky in love, dare each other to stay together, no matter what. 

All roles open to actors of any ethnicity


Longer short plays (15-25 minutes)

HOMESPUN WEBS                                                              LAB RATS
2F, 15min magic realism/comedy
, 50+ welcome                 3F, 15 min, surreal comedy

LIKE MANNA IN THE DESERT                                         STANDING ROOM ONLY
Cast: 4 (2F, 2M, 1 flex), 20m comedy                                   Cast: 3 (1F, 2M, ages 20-50+ actors), 15m dramedy

LONG TRAIN RUNNING                                                    THREE’S A CLOUD
2M, 15m                                                                                 Cast: 3 (2F, 1M)   15m LGBT bedroom farce

PICNIC ON THE LAKE                                                        TUESDAYS IN THE PARK
Cast: 2 (1F, 1M), 15m horror-drama                                      WITH RIVER APPLE   5F, 15+m comedy, ages 20-50+

THE RED & GREEN ROOM                                                 WHOM DEATH DOTH S/EEEk
Cast: 4 (1F, 2M, 1 flex), 20m comedy                                    Cast: 4 (2F, 2M), 15m adult comedy

ROOM CIRCUS                                                                     ZANE TO GATE 69
Cast: 3 (2F, 1M), 30m LGBT bedroom farce                         Cast: 3 (2F, 2M, ages 20-50+)   35m time travel comedy

Cast: 4 (1F, 2M, 1 flex, ages 20 and above, one role specifically for a 50+), 20m comedy

Contact C.J. with questions, or to request script samples


and a few more treats for your audiences 

Room Circus

LGBT screwball bedroom farce (2W, 1M) - 15 min

Jake’s about to ditch Margot in the honeymoon suite, when her ex, Sienna, arrives with a special order of room service. Fasten your seat belts - it’s going to be a bumpy honeymoon. Partial nudity welcome.




Homespun Webs: Imagining Louise Bourgeois

Comedy with magical realism (2W) - 15 min

Drunk, newly divorced, and alone in her new apartment, Madeline’s about to give up —  but she’s stopped by the spectral presence of renowned spider artist Louise Bourgeois, here to talk about spinning new webs.


Tuesdays in the Park with River Apple

Fast paced comedy for 5W-  15+ min

If you like… ouch! it’s funny because it’s true. 

New to the city and to full-time motherhood, Abby just wants to make friends. Play nice, ladies!

Zane to Gate 69       

Sci fi comedy (2W, 1M, 1w/m) -  25-35 minutes

If you like… Fast-paced laughs, feminism, mayhem
Kate Welles, a secret agent from a future dystopia, is sent back to 1972 to brief a  bumbling spy on what could be his -- and humanity's -- last mission. But will she be in time? 

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