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Longer Plays​: Full-length and one acts (15-30 min)

  • -to request any full script and royalty information, contact CJ

  • full synopses on the drop-down menu pages

Full Lengths


Noir Comedy (90 minutes)

cast of 10: 5M, 5F (with doubling; larger cast and extras possible) 

Join private investigator Jake Pantograph on a delightfully comic sally into the world of noir,

as he tries to track down a missing girl, a blackmailer, a one-of-a-kind black diamond necklace, a hot babka, and some ice for his drink

Winner: 2018 Women Are Funny award, Play-Makers Spokane

THE CUPCAKE CONSPIRACY "Cupcakes are Easy! Marriage is Complicated."

Comedy (90 minutes)

cast of 6: 2M, 2F, 2 either

Thanks to a blind-date mix-up, an unsuspecting couple find themselves on opposing sides of

a nefarious scheme involving cupcakes. Really evil cupcakes. 

Winner: National New Play competition, Rover Dramawerks, TX


Comedy-drama (90 minutes)

cast of 6: 3M, 3F

A mismatched couple, unlucky in love, dare each other to stay together, no matter what. 


Longer short plays (15-25 minutes)

HOMESPUN WEBS                                                              LAB RATS
2F, 15min magic realism/comedy                                       3F, 15 min, surreal comedy

LIKE MANNA IN THE DESERT                                         STANDING ROOM ONLY
Cast: 4 (2F, 2M, 1 flex), 20m comedy                                   Cast: 3 (1F, 2M), 15m dramedy

LONG TRAIN RUNNING                                                    THREE’S A CLOUD
2M, 15m                                                                                 Cast: 3 (2F, 1M)   15m LGBT bedroom farce

PICNIC ON THE LAKE                                                        TUESDAYS IN THE PARK
Cast: 2 (1F, 1M), 15m horror-drama                                      WITH RIVER APPLE   5F, 15+m comedy

THE RED & GREEN ROOM                                                 WHOM DEATH DOTH S/EEEk
Cast: 4 (1F, 2M, 1 flex), 20m comedy                                    Cast: 4 (2F, 2M), 15m adult comedy

ROOM CIRCUS                                                                     ZANE TO GATE 69
Cast: 3 (2F, 1M), 30m LGBT bedroom farce                         Cast: 3 (2F, 2M)   35m time travel comedy

Cast: 4 (1F, 2M, 1 flex), 20m comedy

Contact C.J. with questions, or to request the script and royalty info.


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