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Final Exam (horror-thriller)

Logline: When a Black teen transfers to an exclusive all-girls academy

in Alaska, she is thrust into their wilderness survival competition,

where she'll need to use her street smarts to fight a vengeful demon who's picking off her classmates one by one. 


- Renegade Film Festival 2023 - Best Screenplay nominee; Official Selection

Filmmatic Horror Screenplay awards 2023, Semi-Finalist

Independent Horror Movie Awards 2022 - Official Selection and Best Screenplay nominee

Bloodstained Indie Film Fest 2022, Tokyo Japan, Finalist 

- The Script Lab TSL Free Screenplay Contest 2023, Semifinalist

- CineStory 2022 Feature Retreat & Fellowship Quarter Finalist

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2010 - present

2010 - present

More screenplays by C.J. Ehrlich


Loser Island (dark comedy pilot)  

Stupid Voices from the Future (sci-fi comedy)

What if the future called, but it was the wrong number? 

Dirty Weekend (thriller)

It's easy to run off with a beautiful stranger. It's harder to explain how she disappeared. 

Here Boy (action comedy)

Six strangers with nothing in common find their lives overlapping when targeted by a vengeful gang of dognappers.

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