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Loser Island (dark-comedy pilot)

Logline: When a plane full of neurotic reality-TV losers crashes in the remote Pacific, the only way the producer's inept nephew can keep the survivors alive is to convince them they're on the show.
ACFF Fall 2021-Best Dark Comedy Teleplay Award Winner-Loser Island.jpg
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LOSER ISLAND (accolades)

 SECOND ROUNDER Austin Film Festival 2022

 TOP 10% The Writers Lab US 2022 

 WINNER Best Dark Comedy Teleplay, 2021 Austin Comedy Film Festival

 SECOND PLACE WINNER Pilots, 2021 Ivy Film Festival

     (largest student-run film festival in the world)

 FINALIST, Dark Comedy Teleplays, 2021 Houston Comedy Film Festival 

 QUARTER-FINALIST, Filmmatic TV Pilot Awards, 2021

2010 - present

2010 - present

More screenplays by C.J. Ehrlich


Final Exam (horror-thriller)

FINAL EXAM (feature, female leads): This year failing is not an option.  

Stupid Voices from the Future (sci-fi comedy)

STUPID VOICES FROM THE FUTURE (feature, female leads)

What if the future called, but it was the wrong number? 

Dirty Weekend (thriller)

DIRTY WEEKEND (thriller-comedy, feature)

It's easy to run off with a beautiful stranger. It's harder to explain how she disappeared. 

O-Town NY (web series)


- Season One: High As a Kite, parts I and II

- Season Two: In the Box

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