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Loser Island (dark-comedy pilot)

Logline: When a plane full of neurotic reality-TV losers crashes in the remote Pacific, the only way the producer's inept nephew can keep the survivors alive is to convince them they're on the show.
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LOSER ISLAND (accolades)

 TOP 10 - FINALIST, Creative Screenwriting TV Pilots Competition, 2023

 SEMI-FINALIST, CineStory TV Retreat and Fellowship 2024

 SECOND ROUNDER Austin Film Festival 2022

 TOP 10% The Writers Lab US 2022 

 SEMI-FINALIST Emerging Screenwriters Comedy Competition 2024

 BEST SHORT SCRIPT Carnage Award Diabolical Horror Film Fest 2023

 OFFICIAL SELECTION Diabolical Horror Film Festival 2023

 WINNER Best Dark Comedy Teleplay, 2021 Austin Comedy Film Festival

 SECOND PLACE WINNER Pilots, 2021 Ivy Film Festival

     (largest student-run film festival in the world)

 FINALIST, Dark Comedy Teleplays, 2021 Houston Comedy Film Festival

 QF, Table Read My Screenplay, Spring 2023  

 QF, Filmmatic TV Pilot Awards, 2021

2023 Loser Island - WINNER Best Short Script Diabolical Horror Film Festival 2023.png
2023 Official Selection Diabolical Horror Film Festival .jpeg
Creative screenwriting pilot competition SEMIFINALIST 2023 - 2.png
Houston CFF logo.jpg
15 HCFF Fall 2021 Best Dark Comedy Teleplay Finalist Loser Island.jpg
Filmatic TV Pilot season 6 1728x1080.webp
Filmmatic Season 6 Awards (2021).webp
ACFF Fall 2021-Best Dark Comedy Teleplay Award Winner-Loser Island.jpg
Emerging Screenwriters Comedy SP Competition SF Loser Island 2024.png
2021 Ivy Film Festival.png

2010 - present

2010 - present

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