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Loser Island (dark-comedy pilot)

Logline: When a plane full of neurotic reality-TV losers crashes in the remote Pacific, the only way the producer's inept nephew can keep the survivors alive is to convince them they're on the show.
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2010 - present

This Year Failing is Not an Option - by
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Final Exam (horror/thriller)

FINAL EXAM (female-driven horror feature)

This year failing is not an option. 

Logline: When a Black teen transfers to an exclusive Alaskan girls academy, she is thrust into their wilderness survival competition, where her streets smarts will be the only skill to save herself from a vengeful demon that's picking off her classmates one by one.

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2010 - present

More feature screenplays by C.J. Ehrlich


Stupid Voices from the Future (sci-fi comedy)

What if the future called, but it was the wrong number?  

Dirty Weekend (thriller comedy)

It's easy to run off with a beautiful stranger. It's harder to explain how she disappeared.


Here Boy (action comedy)

Three strangers in London are forced together by a bumbling gang of dognappers.  

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O-Town NY (web series)


- Season One: High As a Kite, parts I and II

- Season Two: In the Box

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